Eco Friendly Car Washing

An eco friendly attitude can be incorporated into just about any aspect of your life. It doesn't just involve eating organic foods or recycling your trash. You can go as far as making sure that you are being eco friendly while washing and maintaining your car. Read the following tips on how you can ensure that you are being cautious of the environment when washing your car so you ensure you are keeping your car in good condition with minimal impact to the environment.

· Wash weekly, but no more

Washing your car often will help it maintain its value. However, there is such a thing as washing your car too much. If you are making an effort to be eco friendly, choose to wash your car one time weekly. Washing it anymore will serve only to waste water and use too many products such as car cleaning shampoo. Conserve water and other products by not washing your car too often.

· Wash as quickly as you can

When it comes time for your weekly wash, do it as quickly as you can. This can help you conserve water. You may also consider getting a water spout for your water hose that can help you conserve water. Find creative ways to use rain water or drainage in an effort to conserve water. Discover your own ideas for ways that you can keep your car washes eco friendly.

· Use the least amount of chemicals as possible

Part of being environmentally friendly is caring about the chemicals that are put into the earth. Because the chemicals that will be used to wash your car will eventually make its way into the earth, be cautious of the products that you are using. Are they eco friendly? What impact will they have on the environment over time? Search for enviro friendly car washing products and materials.


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